Uckfield Lions have a regular page in the local free magazine – Uckfield Matters. Here is the article published in the July 2021 issue.

From funds set aside to help local good causes Uckfield and District Lions club were recently able to help a Local forces veteran suffering from Combat stress.

Lions recently received a request for funding for a local veteran 2448-EP2, for six sessions with a therapist at a cost of £650, this particular veteran actually needed 11 sessions and, the additional sessions costs were meet by PTSD Resolutions.

Uckfield Lions have worked before with PTSD Resolutions which is in its 12th year of operation and recently received its 3,000 referral, providing help to Local Forces Veterans and their immediate family suffering from Combat stress, unfortunately there is no government funding for help with this disorder. Below is PTSD Resolution statement of purpose, listing all the area they cover in trying to help our Local veteran to lead a stable life. 

PTSD Resolution Charity Objects Statement of Purpose • The relief of the mental sickness of veterans of the armed forces, and their families, with post-traumatic symptoms. • Research into the treatment of ptsd. • Educating veterans and the public about ptsd. • Promoting social inclusion of veterans in the justice system. PTSD Resolution helps ex-service men and women who have mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder. The service is available to all Veterans, Reservists and dependents. We work with people other services do not reach or have not been able to help. We work in prisons and with people with alcohol and drug problems. The programme involves a series of one-hour therapy sessions one-to-one, in person or online. For those clients who engage with the therapeutic process and meet their appointments the outcomes from PTSD Resolution are good, even when the trauma is complex. The purpose of the treatment is to reduce trauma symptoms and help with re-adjustment to normal work and family life. The treatment provides psycho education and training to lower emotional arousal and build resilience.

Uckfield Lions will be holding there Lions fun day this year on August 15th 12 till 4 on Luxford field .This year Lions are hoping that the local community will take part the Scarecrow competition ,also  there will  be a scarecrow themed find the letter in the shop windows competition .Please look out for further details . Classic car rally will take place this year on 26th September starting and finishing at the Halfway house Isfield .