Towards to end of the first lockdown Uckfield and District Lions club were able to donate £650 towards new screen’s/dividers at Headway East Sussex to be use to provide a safe space’s for their clients .Unfortunately it took several months’ before the screen’s were delivered .These screens are now operational and being used in day to day activities, they enable clients to work with a safe space between them. Recently with the purchase of several arm chairs the screens can be placed in front of the kitchen units, transforming the area into a safe space and rest area.

Headway are now proving rehabitilition services for people with brain injury and stroke’s for people in both East and West Sussex and have over 100 people using their services .

Headway East Sussex provides a full range of specialist services tailored to suit the unique requirements of its clients, their families and carers of those who have an acquired brain injury.

We know that a brain injury affects each client in a number of ways – no one brain injury is the same. Our services are designed to support clients and those caring for them at every stage of their recovery and include:

· Advice, support and information

· Rehabilitation including practical courses such as basic food skills and budgeting skills to assist clients with carrying out everyday tasks, physical rehabilitation and activities such as photography and woodwork in order to develop interests and hobbies and encourage social interaction

· Outreach support providing one-to-one support in the client’s home and local community