Continuing their support for our Community Uckfield Lions held their third combined Prostate Cancer and Diabetes Screening event on 5th March 2022 at the Belmont Centre, Uckfield. Following the pandemic there was a high level of interest and record numbers of people applied and were tested.

Our partners for the Prostate Screening were PCaSO-the Prostate Cancer Support Organization- which conducted 287 Prostate Specific Antigen-PSA-tests for our local men. Blood samples taken were sent to Worthing Hospital for analysis and inspection by a Consultant Haematologist. Each man then received an individual letter within the week giving their result and recommending any action that might need to be taken. On the same morning these men, together with their partners and others, undertook a Diabetes Screening, conducted by Nurses Amanda Baxter, Kate Buche and Davina Piper who, together with Pharmacist Kevin Taylor, provided their services free of charge.

Each screening result was backed up with appropriate advice and the Diabetes UK Risk assessment offered. A total of 302 people were screened of which 18 people (6%), some with significant results, were referred onwards to their GP. This service was well received as it gave the patient knowledge of their current diabetic status and also enabled them to take action appropriately to minimise the chance of developing diabetes in the future.

Testing at the Belmont Centre Uckfield

Both Prostate Cancer and Diabetic conditions are significantly more manageable if they are diagnosed early and Uckfield Lions are happy to help support the NHS and help the community avoid future health problems.

Continuing to support the local community Uckfield Lions also recently donated £1500 to The Star Fish project ( ) their banner is helping to make a difference for People Who Stammer. The Starfish project is a non profit organisation, that helps young people who stammer, the Lions donation will enable 6 people to take part in a three day course, Starfish have an excellent success rate and Lions are delighted to be able to support this local charity.

But without the support of the local community with donations to the Lions projects, Santa’s sleigh, Christmas raffles and Lions day, along with profits from the bookshop, Lions would not be able to support these projects. So Uckfield and District Lions club once again say a very big thank you to the local community for their support.