Lions change over, and Roar announcement

Uckfield and District Lions club members enjoyed a Sunday lunch at The Pig and Butcher Five Ash down after which President John Carvey handed over the chai n of office to incoming President Keith Mates.

New President Keith thank John for all his hard work over the last three years difficult years, John started his term of office back in July 2019 and all was  going well till Covid struck in March 2020 ,events where cancelled ,bookshop closed and all fund raising stopped .But throughout Covid Uckfield Lions  whose motto is (Where there’s a need there’s a Lion )battled on and where still able to help people in need ,with one of the most important donations made during this time was to the group who set up the food box scheme ,helping the vulnerable and  elderly people of Uckfield

All through Covid President John along with Secretary Lynne, kept the club together organizing Zoom meeting in place of face-to-face business meeting’s once a month.

Now despite all the problems Covid caused Uckfield Lions club has increased its membership and continues to support the local community both young and elderly.

President John on left of picture was presented with a scrapbook containing a record of Lions meeting and donations made during his Presidency

New President Keith then announced that the latest update he had, was that the club had nine schools in local   the area signed up to take part in the Lions club Roar 2022 competition. This is a competition sponsored by Lions throughout the country with some 20,000 children and 100 schools taking part. Roar is an inspirational and fun learning experience run in partnership with educational company 8 billion ideas, it gives children between the ages of 7 -11 the opportunity to think big and create world changing ideas, Schools in the Uckfield area have done very well in the competition over previous years. More as the competition unfolds in the Autumn term