Cluckingham Palace is open ,with a donation from Uckfield and District Lions Club ,the new Chicken and Duck enclosure’s have been built at South Brockwell’s farm .Helpers Stanley and Cobee designed both area’s ,working out the materials required and assisted in the building of the pens and digging out of the Duck pond .Both areas will be used for Children’s groups to be able to learn about different types of Chicken and Ducks ,how they produce the eggs’ and see the chick’s as they are born .Stanley and Cobee also painted the new chicken house ,unfortunately due to the hose pipe ban the ducks have very limited water in there pond .The education centre that is based at South Brockwell’s farm provides a learning opportunity for children, young people, across Sussex. With Dinky Farmers a pre school group for children 2-4 years old and their parents/carers. Mini Farmers aged 7-14 years Holding variety of sessions including holiday club ,after school clubs .Farm school Alternative provision for schools to to support the education and wellbeing of children and young people. The education programmes are manage by a fully qualified teacher and a team team of activity leaders. Uckfield Lions club are delighted to be able to support South Brockwell’s with donation to Cluckingham palace as it fits well in Lions providing help in the local community for young and the elderly For more information see www.south Brockwell’s farm